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Is it painful?

Tattooing in general is uncomfortable. In every procedure I offer topical anesthesia to make you as comfortable as possible. I've had quite a few clients fall asleep on my table.


How many appointments will I need? 

PMU procedures are a two step process, with appointments being 6-8 weeks from each other. 


How long will my appointment last?

In most permanent makeup procedures and for areola tattoos I say plan for 3 hours. I always book for the longest time possible even if I usually take less, and during each appointment I perform a thorough consultation. ​ ​Booking times can also be found with each individual service when booking.


Will my tattoo fade over time?

Permanent makeup is designed to fade over time (usually 1-3 years). Because of this, I offer color boosts to returning clients at a discounted to keep your PMU looking fresh. 


How long will it take to heal?

In general you will physically heal within 2 weeks. During this time, your tattoo is considered an open wound and should be treated as such. That means keeping it clean and dry, limiting physical activity, and keeping it out of direct sun. The full healing process takes between 6-8 weeks, which is why your touch up appointment will not be scheduled before then. 

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