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Lash Extensions

Depending on the look you are going for, lash extensions can add length, volume, or both. They can enhance or change the shape of your eye and they can dramatically reduce the time you spend each day getting ready. We offer classic, volume, hybrid, and freestyle options to choose from.


Classic lashes use one single extension to one natural lash (1:1). This creates the most natural look possible. If you don't like a lot of volume, are looking for mostly length, or don't usually wear makeup, this might be the best option for you.



The next step up is a hybrid set. This uses some classic lashes and some fans (multiple lashes together on a single lash) to create a soft look with a minimal amount of volume. 



A volume lash set uses all fans to create a full look to the lashes. Fans are multiple lashes together (usually 2-6) on a single lash to create the look of density. If you love wearing makeup, false lashes, or are wanting more than a natural look, this is right up your alley. 



Any fun and unusual lash set, I deem freestyle. I love when clients come in and show me something they've seen on Pinterest or Instagram with an unusual mapping. Strip sets, wispy sets, and spikey sets are also in this category. 

Lash FAQ


Do I have to wait 24 hours to wash my lashes?

Short answer: It depends on your lash tech! 

      My answer: No. I use a bonder that instantly cures the glue. Not all lash artists use bonders, so make sure to ask. 


What happens if I have a reaction?

Reactions are rare, but they do happen. They will typically appear within 24-48 hours after your lash appointment. Symptoms include redness, itchiness, and swelling. If you experience this, get your lashes removed by your artist and if problems persist seek medical attention.


Can I wear makeup with my lashes?

Yes! You can wear normal face makeup with your lashes. We do ask that you stay away from mascara and eyeliner unless it is deemed "lash extension safe." The oils in regular mascaras and eyeliner will break down the bonds of the lash glue.


Will extensions damage my natural lashes?

Not at all! Lash extensions, when applied properly, will not harm your natural lashes at all and can actually help them grow. We are very diligent about lash health and make sure your lash extensions are always applied properly and maintained well. You, at home, can make sure your lashes stay unharmed by making sure you wash them properly and if you notice any pulling or grown out lashes mention it to your tech.


What should I do before my first lash appointment?

  • Thoroughly wash eye area with oil free face wash or eye makeup remover.

  • Do not wear any eye makeup. If coming from work and must, please DO NOT wear waterproof mascara. 

  • Do not curl lashes

  • No caffeine before appointment


How long will my full set take?

I book 3 hours for every full set. Sometimes it doesn't take that long, but everyone has a different number of natural lashes. Wear something comfy and plan to take a good nap. I provide a wonderful atmosphere for relaxation, with blankets to help you drift off and when you wake you'll have gorgeous lashes!

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