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The goal of medical tattooing is to reconstruct through artistry. This includes scar camouflage, stretchmark revision, and 3D areola tattooing. 


Is a medical tattoo the same as a regular tattoo?

A medical tattoo requires a specific skillset, including understanding of a patient's medical history and condition. Each medical tattoo client is a unique canvas and some can have delicate tissue that can be easily overworked if not handled correctly.


How long after my mastectomy can I get my areolas tattooed?

This is different for each individual. The rule of thumb is about 1 year, but you want to wait until your scars from surgery have healed. It is important to have your surgeon clear you before we perform the procedure.


How long will it last?

Your areola tattoo should last forever. After time, many medical tattoos (including areola) do need touched up depending on your body and the saturation of pigment.


Will my insurance cover areola tattoos? 

Most likely. The only way to determine this is to call your insurance company. Currently Aura Beauty Studio is working on becoming an out of network provider, but until then I will give and itemized receipt with a letter of medical necessity to provide insurance. This means clients are required to pay upfront and be reimbursed by insurance if they qualify. 

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